Better Health for Haiti is a unique project to provide health education opportunities for the Haitian people through entertaining songs and videos in  Haitian Creole.  Partners in Health/Zanmi Lasante has been a key partner in this project, providing much of the health information contained in the media. The materials are already being used throughout Haiti and new songs and videos are currently in production.  You can watch the six completed videos and download the songs and lyrics below. Please check out our brand new videos on Cholera and Malnutrition below!
Blood Pressure Video
"High Blood Pressure" (19:58)
Untreated hypertension is a huge problem in Haiti, taking many thousands of lives each year.  Education on this topic is c
Medical Mission"Taking Care of Your Teeth"(9:46)  All about oral hygiene, which is especially important in a country with few qualified dentists.
Hygiene Video
"Wash Your Hands" (15:51)
Good hygiene and hand washing helps to prevent diarrhea, typhoid, and other life-threatening illnesses.
 The Songs - Click on a link below to hear a song (mp3 format) or download  the lyrics (PDF format) with translation

 Kolera - Cholera                                                                                                                     Kolera - Lyrics

 Malnoutriyon - Malnutrition                                                                                                   Malnutrition - Lyrics 

 Byen Manje - Eating Well                                                                                                      
 Byen Manje - Lyrics          

 Lave Men Ou - Wash Your Hands                                                                                           
Lave Men Ou - Lyrics

 Asasen Silans - Silent Killer (about high blood pressure)                                                        
Asasen Silans - Lyrics

 Pran Swen Dan Ou - Taking Care of Your Teeth                                                                      Pran Swen Dan Ou - Lyrics
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Dental Song



High Blood Pressure


"Eating Well" (27:35)
All about nutrition with special attention given to the dietary needs of children and the prevention of malnutrition.
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Meet our Haitian Health Education Teams! We now have teams in several parts of Haiti, putting on health education presentations in schools, churches and in public places. We even recently put on a concert tour, performing our health songs in several cities around Haiti. To learn more and check some recent photos, click here!

      "Cholera" (3:36)
      Music video only

Other Videos - Click on a photo below to watch a health video. Videos are in Windows Media format.
New Videos on Cholera & Malnutrition - Click  below to watch in high definition
"Cholera" (14:41)
Created to combat the current epidemic in Haiti, this video emphasizes prevention.
"Malnutrition" (24:55)
Provides vital information on the prevention and treatment of this disease, which affects far too many Haitian children.
"Malnutrition" (3:41)
Music video only